Last year was intense. I started studying, did a few modelling and styling jobs, my son Noel started preschool and I found out I was pregnant. Exciting and scary at the same time, wondering how to manage with two kids. But its great that Noel is going to have a little sibling. Late in 2012 I was interviewed by the swedish magazine Vecko Revyn about UFO’s (which I believe in by the way), the article came out in spring 2013 and I still haven’t read it. But those who have must think I am crazy – haha. We also travelled to London and Gothenburg to visit friends and family. Another interesting thing that happened this year was that Rihanna shared Henric’s portrait of her on her blog and instagram, it generated a lot of media attention and was a good step forward for his art. Here is summery in pictures.
Love, S

I went to Skepparholmen to do some modelling for Svenska Möten. The team was great and the food was fantastic!

These power-smoothies and snacks were very well appreciated during the time we were shooting



I was surprised that Vecko Revyn did such a big story, it’s a pretty funny situation but at least they treated the subject seriously. Keep your eye on the sky!

Photos we took for my blog by my darling Lydia Landefjord. If you are looking for a photographer contact her!

I love food and drinks just as much as I love fashion so I spent my summer trying out new restaurants



We went to the Zoo (Skansen in Stockholm) and Noel loved it!



I went to London to visit my twinnie Lydia and Family

Lydia and I

We found out that I was pregnant AGAIN in the end of July, so exciting!


Modelling for Affordable Luxury, I styled myself for this photoshoot (some of the advantages of beeing a stylist)

Affordable Luxury

Rihanna featured my loves (Henric Aryee) painting on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, it got over 500 k likes and went viral. This was huge and I am so proud!

Rihanna by Henric Aryee

Part of last years nailart, I feel that the smallest details are just as important as the overall look


Henric had a live painting exhibition at Clarion Sign Stockholm

Live Painting Clarion Hotel

We travelled to Gothenburg and visited the christmas village at Liseberg



My son turned two in the end of December!



  • Vilka fina bilder du har på din blogg 🙂 Kan du inte ge mer tips på typ trender o sånt?

  • What a beautiful year in review! So happy to have met you and witnessed a couple of these first hand 😉 Funny to know re: UFOs – we have been talking about them a lot here lately, it’d be interesting to have a discussion sometime!

    • Thank you Sharalee! Me too, I hope to see you soon 🙂
      It’d be great to have a discussion about UFOs – At home we discuss this topic all the time!

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