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Winter is here meaning shorter days, chunky coats, layers on layers, boots, scarves and beanies. This is probably the most difficult time of the year to look good and fashionable. I usually tend to dress for comfort rather than to good look because of the weather, which is completely natural (trust me). However there are many ways you can “play around with fashion” and plenty of room for creativity.

First off all do not focus to much on what you are wearing but how you wear it. You don’t want to look like a refrigerator packed up in layers of wool. Instead you want a sleek silhouette (challenging with winter clothes, huh?) – there are several ways to do it and here are some.

Begin with highlighting your waist with a belt on top of a chunky coat/sweater or a fitted pencil skirt to add an instant shape to your silhouette. Chose pointed toe boots/heels instead of rounded, it helps give the illusion of lengthened calves. Another basic fact is to wear a medium structured bag that will make you look proportional, a small one will make you look bigger conversely.

In my outfit below I am playing with proportions and silhouette. It’s important to keep in mind that when you wear something voluminous (like an oversized coat or cardigan) is to balance it with slim cuts. To drown in fabrics and fitted clothes from head to toe isn’t flattering either. A longer coat, jacket or top looks better when paired with a shorter skirt, rather than a maxi.

Here I am wearing an oversized wool coat with a fitted pencil skirt and a cropped top, paired with pointed heels and a medium Chanel bag. This is a look I wore earlier this year (when I had long hair), even so it is spot on.

Love, S

 sandy awadasandy awadasandy awadasandy awada

Coat Malene Birger / Top Asos / Skirt Stylein / Bag Affordable Luxury / Heels

Photos by Louie Indriana

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