We come in all sizes and shapes and knowing what to wear can be a challange! Therefore getting dressed can be much easier when you get to know your body shape. Don’t think about height and weight, focus on identifying your body type by knowing your proportions. Fashion is a way to create a look you love and it’s a way to show your personality. Choosing the right clothes has positive effects on you and your body.


These are the four most common body types and here is a quick review of do’s and don’ts:


By henric aryeeIllustration by Henric Aryee

The PearNarrower shoulders than hips.


Go for a tailored jacket that structures up your shoulders to even out your lower body proportions and go for dark, medium-rise  bootcut pants/jeans to balance your curves. Emphasize your arms, waist and your upper body. Avoid clothes that draws to much attention to your hips and thighs e.g skinny jeans, oversized sweaters and fabrics like silk.


The AppleYou tend to gain weight above your hips, broad back and shoulders.

You want to emphasize your legs, butt and show off your neckline. Go for large geometric prints and add more shape to your lower body using medium-rise flared jeans/pants. Avoid clothes that draws to much attention to the middle e.g belt or skinny pants.


The HourglassProportional hips and breast.

Don’t give away all your curves. Choose simple clothes that work with your curves e.g fitted jacket with a peplum or a skirt that stops below the knee. Look for a waistbelt to define your waist. Avoid styles that are shapeless or boxy e.g tunics, oversized cardigans and straight thousers.


The Rectangle Straight with little waist, a “little boyish” shape.

Use clothes thats softens your body e.g boot cut jeans, rounded hemlines and ruffles and something snuggling over your waist to create curves that don’t exist. Avoid simple clothes with fitted cuts that make you look boxy.


I hope this might help you a little!

Love, S

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