Trumpification: The new dark ages?

Illustration by Henric Aryee

… Today will go down as one of the darkest days in modern history. A nightmare we can’t wake up from, but the new reality that we have to accept. I can’t say that I am surprised, because I am not, we know that the world has undergone some changes recently, one of them being the rise of right wing populism. White american people have feared they are loosing their dominant racial position, and this is the result of it. I was convinced from the start that Donald Trump would win this election. Because he is a fascist, a lier, dangerous, a manipulative racist, sexual predator, and islamophobe. And he has no political experince whatsoever. He literally called latinos rapist – muslims terrorist – black people stupid – insulted women – shows hostility towards immigrants – wants to build a wall – ban all muslims – and prevent them from entering the country etc. Well, now the american people (those who voted for Trump) are represented by someone who truly reflect their image.

What Trumps voters don’t seem to understand is that he’s unable to relate to the majority of the people in the US and their every day struggle (or the rest of the world for that matter). He’s a wealthy white male, running successful businesses, living better than most people on this planet, and paying no taxes. Therefore, he can’t even begin to understand what it’s like to be normal, or poor and unable to afford education, or to be sick and without a health insurance, or to be of colour and face everyday racism, or to be a woman and face discrimination because of your gender, or to be uneducated and not able to get a job, or to be pregnant and not have the right to chose abortion. Simply because he’s never been there, nor will he ever be. You should’ve voted for a candidate that can at least empathise with and include all americans. Trumps politics so far is; anti-taxes, anti foreign policy, anti-human rights and anti-equality.

And while the world is making progress on global warming, Trumps is neglecting the evidence and issues we are facing because of it and calls climate change a “Chinese hoax”. And if that’s not enough he wants to end the US participation in the Paris climate agreement, eliminate the domestic and international climate program – because he thinks it’s bad for the US economy. But let’s not forget that the US is the second-largest greenhouse polluter which means; mean more coal burning, more air pollution, and more CO2 emissions with his “politics”.

Trumps victory will not only put the world economy at risk, but the progress we’ve made so far with facing climate change and of course create division and social uncertainity. Moreover, this shows that there is no place for women at a presidential post in the US – yet. It is more likely that a woman wins an election in the Middle East than in the West.

It is obvious that Trumps victory is a symptom of globalization, fear of change, greed and dissatisfaction. And to be honest, chosing between Hillary and Trump was like chosing AIDS or cancer. People were simply forced to elect bad or worse. Considering Hillarys history and bad records, she might not have been a better candidate. And personally I’m convinced she would have found a way for America to go into war. However, she’s ‘qualified and an experienced politician’ and she’s for equality plus she’s a woman.

To all democrats: you had a great candidate (Bernie Sanders), even though many of you thought he couldn’t serve the partys interest. He was someone you should have nominated because he’d probably win, but for some reason you chose Hillary instead, a corrupt candidate who was unpopular from the beginning. And unfortunately, many of you have been living in this bubble, denying that Trump could win, and took for granted that Clinton would.

And now we all have to enjoy four years of madness, and if this doesn’t mean the end of the world, make sure you come back stronger next time – with a candidate like Bernie!

Be very afraid, S

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