Bold colors, gold and decorated clothes are this springs hottest trends. Pastel pink, florals, gorgeous sheer and lace fabrics, crop tops and bare midriffs are here to stay. Combine these trends with blue eyeshadow OR coral lipstick and a sleek ponytail and you are good to go.

This is what too look for this spring:

70’s Chic – A gold piece is a must have this spring and this is the best way to fill it with luxury and glamour. It is a trend that keeps coming back so if you get tired of your golden piece DO NOT throw it away but keep it for next time around!

Bold colors and decorated pieces – Think cupcake cuteness! This is perfect for those who like little extra. Use strong but not neons colors with decorations like flowers, lace or embroidery. Don’t be afraid to combine this with transparent fabrics and show some skin but don’t reveal too much, still try to keep it simple.


Stripes, dots and graphics – Makes a comeback this year. Combine different patterns with something simple as a contrast. The best colors to use this spring are salmon, light grey, red, blue and yellow. Don’t use the same pattern twice but if you do use different colors.


Draped and layered – The more layers the better without bulking it up. Salmon, light grey and white are trendy colors that you see both on the catwalk and at home. These colors can easily be matched with each other or on their own. One tip is to buy one size bigger!


All photos are from Dagmar / Mulberry / Ida Sjöstedt / Whyred / By Malina


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