When you become a mother your priorities change and your primary focus is your children and their well-being. Which is a good thing. However, your time is no longer your own. You don’t have the freedom of being just you as often as what you used to. Showering, having a coffee or doing your makeup is sometimes challenging, if not impossible! But being a good parent doesn’t mean only focusing on your kids and neglecting yourself. You are the best possible mother for your own children, and it becomes easier to focus whole heartedly on your children if you also make time for other things that you care about. I think you can sucessfully do both. Now I feel like it’s time for me to focus on something that I care about. I am going to dedicate more time to the blog, my own personal shopping business and other projects. One of those is #projectsawa, my journey to create my own brand. SAWA obviously comes from my own name, and also the french expression ‘cava?’ which means ‘how are you?’ Its a question we all need to remember to stop and ask ourselves, as well as eachother.


Together with my friend Louie Indriana who is a very talented dancer and has also worked on several different projects, I hope to enhance my blog and use it as a means to achieve bigger goals. In the future expect to see great photos by Louie of my outfits and more great articles written by me on everything from how to dress to political opinions. BTW, tomorrow you’ll get to see my first outfit! Hint: Its in my current header!

Love, S

Louie Indriana

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