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What a lovely day. The weather is amazing, people are happy and most importantly I have made some healthy changes  -and I feel better than ever. But before I let you enjoy yesterdays outfit there is a subject I wanted to talk about. Some of you have noticed and asked me about my body transformation lately and I want you to know that I am not starving myself nor do I feel the need to.

First thing, I am breastfeeding and it wouldn’t be ideal for me to go on a diet as it lowers the quantity and quality of the milk. All I do is eat less candy and useless carbs such as bread and pasta and have added more organic fruits, vegetables and snacks to my menu. Those who know me, knows that food is my best friend, however I too (like many others) am lost in the world of sweets. Being healthy and eating sweets all the time does not add up. So I have found new, healthier ways to fill my needs. Organic peanut butter for instance or a piece of dark chocolate works perfectly when my sugar abstinence kicks in. Another thing that helps is sparkling water with a little lemon in it.

Second thing, I have hired a personal trainer, as we all need a little help sometimes. I had no idea where to start and now I have set up a schedule that includes all the activities I need to do. I have been excersizing for about three weeks now and my main focus is getting my strenght back, by building muscles and stability. The best thing by having a personal trainer is that when you don’t have a session, my trainer will ask me if I have followed up and just that makes it harder to skip my workouts (although I have been skipping it lately but for other reasons). I want to have a healthy lifestyle. I am happier this way and a happy mom = good mom.

These are the reasons you might have noticed a change and this leaves us to what I am wearing. A white jumpsuit from one of my favourite brands together with white sunglasses and purple suede heels. No make up, no other accessories. Simple. Refreshing. Summery. Remember that if you wear an all white outfit, chose a shade that suits your skin type and select pieces that are solid (no see through). A little tip is to go up a size so the fabric flows instead of clinging onto your curves. And don’t forget (!) your underwear should be the same color as your skin. If you would like to add something fun to the look, choose accessories with bright colors or keep it simple by wearing nude heels/flats.

Love, S

laughbacksandy awada purple shoes sandy awada

Jumpsuit Stylein / Heels Nelly

Photo by Louie Indriana

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