Oh wow, it’s been a while since I posted anything here, I am busy managing the kids at home! But I wanted to share with you parts of the trip we made to Lebanon during September. We stayed there for a month, yet that wasn’t enough, I miss it badly and want to go back. I could definitely picture myself living there in the future if the political situation has settled down.

So where do I begin? I have a love/hate kind of relationwith this country. It has everything and a little more. There is so much charm and beauty, and it has a rich history. The warm wather, mountains, beaches, and exciting nightlife. The fun and loving people. And the food, yes the food is AMAZING. Henric and I could sit and eat for hours, the hummus, tabbouleh, steak tartare, arak, cocktails with fresh fruit slices. We would sit and eat all night, laugh and cheer until we couldn’t move our asses anymore. It’s part of the Lebanese peoples philosophy. Food is what brings people together – I call it love. Every restaurant (including Burger King) has home delivery, enough said. And the service is beyond anything I have experienced anywhere else. Even though it’s not an organized country, everything is so easily accessible. If you need something in the middle of the night, you don’t have to worry, everything is within reach.

However, Lebanon is a compact country and you need a car to do anything basically, walking is not really an option and if you do they think you’re mad. Traffic lights are rare, sidewalks don’t really exist and crossing the street can be a hair raising experience.

Another thing I love about this place is how you wake up listening to the echoes of the churches and mosques. It is certainly a unique country. Its a country that never sleeps.

And then you have the Lebanese people. Humble, kind, generous, welcoming and fun. They always make me laugh when they greet you (in a good way), because they say HI in three different languages when you meet them. “Hi – Kifak (how are you) – Ca va?”. Haha. I thinks it’s hilarious. You need to visit this country to understand what I mean.

Although it is a funny and chaotic country, it has its ‘ugly’ side as well. There is a continuous political war, it is politically corrupt, many social problems, inequality and unfortunately some areas are unsafe. Other than that, there are more cars than people, every family has 4-5 cars so getting from one town to another takes an hour or two when it should take 20 min. It’s a place with many rules and laws but no one enforcing them, for example I know for a fact some people just drive around without a license! And sadly the eco-friendly mentality simply does not exist.

But this country and its people have so much potential and I hope I live to see it bloom. It is one of the best and worst countries to go on a vacation…


Here are some photos so you get a better feeling of what it’s like.

Love, S

This is in the middle of a highway carlebMy two boys and Lebanese meze, the best food everfacesSamboseksambosekTeleferique – a lift that takes you to the mountainsteleteleferique1 copyThe view from the topteleferique2Cocktails with fruit slicescoktailNoel in a carouselNoelcarouMore food (just starters)foodWalking down town BeirutnovaThe seaoceanAn old building in front of the oceanvilla


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