I know there are more important subjects to talk about at the moment, for instance the fact that the Swedish Democrat party got 10% of all the votes yesterday. However, before I write about that I want to reflect on what’s happened. So until then, I will bore you with my personal issues.

‘Being healthy’ isn’t working for me, and the fact that I went to two kids parties this weekend did not help matters. There was an overload of cakes, candies and snacks, all the things that I can’t resist. There are so many things I want to say goodbye to that I can’t. And I have to admit that deep down I don’t care enough about my health as I should. I just want to get that quick satisfaction, which is a major NO-NO if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although my diet is organic, green and processed food is excluded (I think it’s disgusting as you don’t know what’s really in it). I still find myself craving sugar in every form. From a young age I got used to the taste of and consumption of sugar. And as a result, when I crave it, fruit just doesn’t seem to do it for me. I don’t want my children to have the same problem.

Sugar addiction is a modern epidemic that I believe we are tricked into from a young age by all the big companies. It’s the perfect way for them to sell their product because you get addicted to it, due to the high sugar content. They use something called high fructose corn syrup which is a type of sweetener  used in processed food and beverages because it’s cheap. Although I am fully aware of the dangers and pitfalls of sugar and careful of what goes in my body, my need is still there. Unless I learn to control my urges I am going to end up having diseases like diabetes, heart disease, low blood sugar and gain weight. And on top of it all, I haven’t been to the gym for more than a week now. One day I feel really motivated to excersise and eat healthy and the next not at all. I can’t stay focused on my goals. Why is that? It is so frustrating.

The reason I am writing this because I know there are many others with the same problem. And admitting you have a problem is the first step towards beating your addiction. However, the next step is the one I am having problems with, honestly I don’t know how to curb my addiction to sugar. Maybe some of you out there can give me some tips?

Enough about that. You have to enjoy the sun while you can. So I decided to rock a black racer front dress, with red lips and sleek hair. Paired with black ballerinas and a gorgeous vintage chanel from Affordable Luxury. Although black isn’t the ultimate color to wear when it’s hot, it is timeless and you can style it as you want, with different accessories and colors. This is a perfect combo of a chic and simple look. We all love black, don’t we? Hey… it’s a classic.

Love, S

sandy awadawaterchanel bag

Chanel Bag Affordbale Luxury / Dress + Shoes + Sunnies ASOS

Photo by Louie Indriana


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