Today might be the day we get to see our little one. I am having contractions and a lot of pain in my lower back. My doctor has offered to induce labor. I am not sure I want to do this but I am going to hear my doctor out and see if it’s likely to be successful and then make a decision. There is evidence induction increases the risk of a cesarian section, which is safe but recovering tends to be harder than natural birth. If I end up having c-section, I will panic plus I am clueless how I am supposed to take care of both my children while recovering. Inducing labor is also associated with autism and more pain. Some of the ways the doctor have recommended are the use of the hormone prostaglandin or without the use of artificial hormones – by breaking the water (which increases the risk of infection). I do feel nature should take its course and wait a couple of more days to see if it happens naturally. At first I was convinced of going through with it but having read more about it I have decided not to take the hormone unless necessary. Bye for now, maybe next time we’ll have a little baby!
Love, S

Monitoring the baby, exciting!

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