Managing two kids and being healthy is not easy. It involves planning and commitment to fit fitness into a new and busy life. Besides that it’s important to give yourself time to recover physically after labor, and to get your doctors approval before you start exercising, as you don’t want to hurt yourself rather than help. It usually takes a few weeks to recover from giving birth but I wish I could start exercising right now. My patience is already running out! One thing I find difficult is finding time and energy, with one kid you can exercise or sleep when the child is napping but with two, downtime easily disappears. I want to stay healthy and strong for my kids. I want a ‘better body’. It doesn’t necessarily mean skinnier – but healthier and it’s definitely possible. It’s not just about me or looking good, my kids needs their mother to be strong , happy and lively. I am aware that as we age and have children our bodies changes. After this birth I see my body in a different way, I think I look amazing and I am proud of what I have accomplished.

Would you like to see the results of my effort to become fit again?

Love, S

Snapshots from yesterday – 12 days after labor. I look better than ever but I need my strength back!12dagar

I am wearing a new pencil skirt and crop top from Asos

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