Saffron buns lussekatterSaffron Buns is a traditional Swedish recipe and they are my favourites. Here is the recipe I use when I make them.

5 dl Milk
1 g  Saffron
50 g Baker’s yeast
1 1/2 dl Sugar
125 + 50 g Unsalted butter or margarine
10 1/2 dl + 4 dl All-purpose flour
1 Egg


Dough 1:
1. Melt 50 g butter and add the milk, allow to cool until “finger-warm” and stir in the yeast
2. Add sugar, salt and 10 1/2 dl flour, a little at a time
3. Work it all together well into a smooth dough, cover with a clean towel and let it rise for an hour
Dough 2:
1. Crumble saffran threads into 125 g melted butter, add 1 1/2 dl sugar, 1 egg och whisk till fluffy
2. Pour the mixture into the first dough and mix well
3. Add 4 dl flour a little at a time and work it really well
4. Shape the buns like an S with long curled ends and place on a greased baking sheet
5. Cover with a towel again and allow them to rise for 20 min
6. Decorate with raisins, brush with egg and bake them in a preheated (225 °C) oven for 7-9 min or just until brown

Love, S

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