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One of my main rules when dressing up is to feel comfortable as I am the kind of person that focus on what I wear all day and if I hate it, it will show. So when I wake up I think to myself “which clothes will make me feel good today?”. And then I go from there. I don’t always know what to wear, it can take me up to an hour just to find something. But when I picked this outfit I knew I wanted something chic, yet comfy.

For the day I decided to wear a long knitted dress from Stylein paired with black leather pants and pointed heels. An all black look (safe card) but with different fabrics, and to notch it up a little I added a bright Chanel bag to it. Yes, I am obsessed with Chanel bags -they are elegant, timeless and goes with nearly any style. This is the ultimate look for a mother on-the-go because it can easily be dressed up or down, simply by changing the details!

As Louie were shootig this outfit, both realized that the area I live in has many beautiful spots to shoot at, this for instance is by the apartment. Although it was a cloudy day (the weather can never be trusted in stockholm, so being prepared for rain is essential), I think we manage to snaps some good photos. After all, we’ve just started on this project and I know that in time you will se a lot of improvement. Any thoughts?

Love, S

closeup sandysandy awadacloseup chanel walkingcloseup chanel

Dress Stylein / Shoes Nelly / Bag Affordable Luxury / Pants H&M

Photos by Louie Indriana / Styled by Me


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