I am a huge fan of denim, and my favorite piece of clothing – besides pencil skirts, are jeans. They’re perfect for any occasion, laid back and comfy. However, I always have a hard time finding jeans that fits perfectly. Either they fit around your waist and not your hips, too long or short or they’re too tight or loose. It’s a never ending battle. These vintage inspired jeans are the latest addition to my jeans collection, I can honestly tell you that NEUWs jeans are the best I have found so far. I like them so much I got them in black as well. And here in Sweden the weather can be tricky, you never know when you need those jeans or jacket to keep you warm. So this is a perfect look when you don’t know what the weather is going to be like and you can wear it all the year.

Love, S


Top H&M / Jean Neuw / Vintage ChanelĀ HERE / Shoes London Rebel

Photos by Louie Indriana

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