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I always get questions like  “what it is like having two kids” and “what are your future plans” or “why don’t you post on your blog more often?”. So I figured it would be good to share my thoughts with you…

I have now been a mother of two for almost a year, and its been quite a journey. But I would not trade it for anything! I have to say that I have found it a lot easier the second time. Well, easy compared to the first time. My son is definitely in the “terrible twos” and my little girl is not sleeping as well as she use to. It’s challenging but a lot of fun. One day is nothing like the next, and as stressful parenting can be, it’s all worth it to see them together. The most challenging part so far has been for my son to adjust to all the changes that come with a sibling. And for me, to be there equally is problematic. I can’t be in two places at the same time and finding quality time is sometimes impossible. Jealousy hasn’t really been an issue, however fulfilling both their needs can be tricky. You can only do so much and still its not enough. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty. Another issue is sleep deprivation. I don’t get any sleep because (first of all) they screw up each others sleeping routines and (second) finding a routine that works for both of them is not an easy task… but it’s improving!

Apart from that, I have come to experience some health problems – chronic sinus infections, chronic urticaria and a atopic dermatitis, which is the worst type of eczema and skin rash one can have. Unfortunately no medical treatment has worked for me (we have tried everything from Antihistamines to Corticosteroids and Anti-IgE needles), left with no other option we are discussing a new treatment called Sandimmun. This medicine is mainly used for organ transplants but also severe skin allergies like mine, however, it has many side effects. Before I begin the new treatment I am undergoing a nasal -sinus surgery – I will let you know more about it soon. My doctor’s have a theory that my skin rashes and sinus infection might be linked to each other. So solving one problem might help improve my other symptoms. If it does I might be able to avoid medication in the future. Before christmas my doctor had a skin tissue removed (skin biopsy) to examine it and exclude serious diseases. It takes 6-8 weeks to get the results (can’t wait to get some answers!!!) but as of now it is a relief knowing it is nothing serious. It has been tough and stressful (both physically and mentally) to be sick and itchy non-stop for almost a year, it has made me less social and engaged, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Last but not least: what are my plans for the future? Well for the moment my main priority is to get well and then I will take it from there. But my plan is and has always been to do whatever makes me happy. Be it fashion or politics. All I know is that I will find a way to do whatever it is I wanna do when the time is right. I am extremely privileged to have two adorable children that I get to spend most of my days with and that’s all that matters…

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P.S If anyone reading this post is suffering from the same skin diseases as I am and have any questions or feel the need to talk to someone, you are more than welcome to contact me or leave a comment below.

Love, S

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