Labor is getting closer but I am having no signs at all and this is making me anxious. Although this is my second pregnancy, the thought of giving birth scares me. This time I know what it’s like. I am afraid I won’t stand the pain of delivering and be physically able to push my child out ending up with a c-section or serious tear. I won’t lie, contractions hurt like hell but they don’t last forever. And I know worrying about it is a waist of my energy but I can’t help it. It is painful and it is scary, but it is a pain that results in bringing a new life into the world.

With my first child I had an extremely long labor, almost two days. However, they say your second labour is often easier and I hope this is true. Another thing making me nervous is coping with two children and sleep deprivation, I’ll be busier than ever before but hopefully more confident this time.  The newborn stage is  physically demanding, and for many of us a time of just barely surviving. But I have to remind myself not try to be a supermom and prioritize sleep when the baby is sleeping. My mother managed five kids so I guess two shouldn’t be a problem for us. I know I can and will do it because in the end we are getting a new family member.

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Love, SDSC_0852

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  • Varför skulle jag följa din blogg när du uppdaterar ca var 3:e månad med några kassa inlägg..?

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